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La Boréale Photography owner smiling at the camera for the About page


I am Cath, a dedicated creator with a keen eye for visual storytelling. As a photographer, my passion lies in capturing the genuine essence of my subjects with authenticity, boldness, and artistic flair. I am committed to collaborating with imaginative individuals and professionals, aiming to cultivate enduring relationships built on a foundation of trust and unwavering professionalism.

I firmly believe that your core narrative deserves to be showcased through an artistic lens, which will enhance the overall essence of your brand.

My objective is to not only meet but surpass your expectations by delivering unparalleled quality and personalized service. Through the cultivation of enriching B2B partnerships, I aspire to become your trusted photographer, further enhancing your brand and services for your valued clients.


I'm as Canadian as poutine and maple syrup, and I've a taste for sarcastic humour.

For me, life is all about laughter and fun. It's like my secret recipe for living, and I wish to share it with you. 
I believe that no matter what you're up to, it's essential to have a blast. Time isn't just ticking away; it's dancing, exploring, and living. So, why not sprinkle a bit of laughter into your daily routine? Trust me, it's the real maple syrup of life! 
But that's not all, folks! I'm not just a giggle guru; I'm also a professional people listener. I want to know where you're from, who you are, what makes you tick, and why you'd choose winter over summer. Let's dive into the deep end of curiosity together! 

My inquisitive nature paves the way for real, heartwarming chats and connections that'll warm your frosty toes. You might find that we become friends faster than you can say "double-double" at a local coffee shop.

Now, about why I became a photographer: it's all about the stories, baby! You know that saying, "A photo says a thousand words"? Well, I'm a true believer in it.

So, join me in this adventure through the lens of life, where every click captures a moment worth a thousand chuckles and countless tales to share. Let's make memories and freeze them in time, one snapshot at a time! 

La Boréale Photography wearing Mountain Biking gear
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